Perfectly Toasted, Vol. 1

Slight is a swirling post-psychedelic art-pop project from Montreal consisting of Danji Buck-Moore (organ, keyboards, vocals), Michael Hahn (guitar, vocals) and Ryan White (drums). The band brings elements of craftsmanship, attention to detail and the relentless pursuit of new sonic territory to the independent ethos of the Montreal DIY scene from which it springs. Since 2011, Slight has rehearsed and recorded and played out of influential underground space "The Plant," where its personnel are founding collective members.

Obsessively honing their sound in their improvised loft studio, Slight released the Spirit School / Tasting single in October 2014, the follow up to their warmly received debut effort Melodion. Composed of core songwriter duo Michael Hahn and Danji Buck-Moore, Slight has maintained their hallmark swirling sound despite a shifting line-up of percussionists from other notable local projects.

On Spirit School / Tasting Slight begged, borrowed, and scavenged their way to what they describe as a "bedroom hi-fi" sound, equal parts pop songwriting chops, production wizardry, and offbeat experimentation. This slice of taut innovative psychedelic pop recalls Stereolab's organ drones and motorik propulsion as well as Tame Impala's melting soundscapes and hints of My Bloody Valentine's glacial walls of guitar.

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