Golden Brown is an independent record label & production studio working with artists to bend genres, minds and hearts.  Founded in Portland, Oregon by Brooke and Thom Sunderland, GB is currently based in Los Angeles, California.

For us, Golden Brown represents the perfect balance of texture and substance. The sweet spot where funk, soul, indie and electronic music coalesce in equal balance to create something truly unique.

Perfectly Toasted.

We're a boutique operation open to creative endeavors of all kinds, if you'd like to get in touch with our label, our production studio, or one of the artists on our roster, please reach out to: contact(at)

For artists interested in joining our label, please take some time to listen to OUR ROSTER and/or OUR MOODBOARD PLAYLIST to get our vibe before submitting.  Use the submit form below, and we'll be sure to hear it.


Golden Brown was recently featured on the Good Behavior Podcast

We talked to Brian Hall about every release we've done so far, a bit of history on how things got started and some things we've learned along the way.  Stream below.



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