Golden Brown is an independent record label & production house working with artists who bend genres, minds and hearts.  Founded in Portland in 2015 by Thom and Brooke Sunderland, GB has recently relocated to Los Angeles.

For us, Golden Brown represents the perfect balance of texture and substance.  It's that fleeting moment in time when everything falls together just right to create something truly original.  We don't really do genres here, we do perfectly toasted.

We keep a small roster, but we're always looking for new artists to work with.  We're open to creative endeavors of all kinds, so if you have any unique proposals or would like to get in touch with our label, our production house or one of our artists, feel free to reach us at contact(at)

If you'd like to submit your music for our consideration, please use the submit form below and there is a 100% chance it will be listened to in time, we will get back to you if it seems like the right fit!



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