Pregnant is the decade-long experimental project of Daniel Trudeau. Currently based in Sacramento, California, the band is fronted by Trudeau with added instrumentation from Schuyler Petersen, Sean Hayashi and Brynley Stoner.  Stitching together vintage and original funk and soul samples, MIDI-loops and both programmed and live percussion into versatile pop song structures, the band weaves a completely unique tapestry of multi-layered textures and head-bobbing, dance-ready rhythms. 

Sprinkled with Trudeau's endearing and direct vocal delivery, PREGNANT has a fresh sound that conjures a mashup of all the albums you love, without sounding like any one of them.  Submerge Magazine explains, “As a live act, [Pregnant] become a kind of living sound exhibit…reproduced seemingly out of thin air, filling the corners of any living room, stage venue, or theater with music that’s as much visual as aural.” 

Pregnant has vinyl and cassette releases on a handful of labels. He recently finished his 100th track for his Your Song project- in which people donate $7 or more and Trudeau writes a song about them. They have played in houses and venues across the US, and also toured Japan, Korea, and the UK.  Trudeau's “open-ended pop symphonies” have been warmly received around the world.