Obvious Creature


Obvious Creature is the project of Pete Sanderson, a 25 year old musician from the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia. In 2016, Obvious Creature self released “we don’t have to be afraid anymore”, a concept album of sorts fascinated with the power that expectation vs realisation had in his life and the lives of his friends. A conduit for his fascination with post-rock, shoegaze and indie folk, the album sways between dense arrangements of reverb soaked guitars, to the quiet strum of a nylon string guitar. A bittersweet album, evident of an artist trying to escape his pessimism and disenchantment with life after finishing school and realising the world isn’t as romantic as it always seemed.

“It ain’t much better in here kid”, was born from an introspective desire to escape the tedium of the everyday, to be submerged in the mess of the unfamiliar. It portrays a kind of melancholy that escapes words, the chaos trying to keep everything together while you age, told through a synthwave aesthetic reminiscent of gaming arcades of the 1980s. Listening to it is meant to evoke a disembodied experience: ominous interwoven synth drones; faint, airy harmonies; slow and deliberate melodies; and electronic drums all competing for attention. It’s an arrangement to get lost in and, like each instrument competing to for dominance, experience the occasional moment of clarity: surreal, but comforting.