Garden Gate

Garden Gate - Dark Harvest [Cassette or Poster] // GB003
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Garden Gate finds technician Meskers attempting to execute their most challenging arrangements to date. Supported by members of Brown Recluse and White Candles, Garden Gate owes its distinctive sound to Meskers’ experience with both projects, blending the pop sensibilities of Brown Recluse with the giddy electronic maelstrom of White Candles to craft something distinctly engaging and refreshingly original.

Utilizing a custom tarot spread modeled after the phases of the moon, the lyrical content of Dark Harvest blends the results of these analyses with dream imagery, trance meditation, identity deconstruction, and gothic romance towards unusual results.

Ranging in topic from the devotional to the mythological, Dark Harvest’s larger narrative follows its candlelit heroine as she discovers a strange portal connecting two overlapping mansions and her subsequent efforts to make sense of the bizarre and confusing experiences she accrues.

Garden Gate is most proud to offer this collection of recordings through the inimitable Sunstone Records on LP and the immensely promising new label Golden Brown digitally and on cassette, and is currently midway through the recording of their follow-up full length.