(Portland, OR)

Shadowgraphs is the songwriting duo of renowned collage artist Bryan Olson and fellow German cosmonaut Charles Glade (Wils).  The band has recently relocated from Charlotte, NC to Portland, OR to pursue new touring opportunities on the West Coast in 2018. 

Fresh off of their debut LP 'Venomous Blossoms' in April 2017, the band has recently completed recording their next full length album, 'Subterranean Saturdays.'  On this new album, the band's neo-psychedelic roots are still very much alive in their dedication to vintage recording equipment and vocal harmony, but 'Subterranean Saturdays' also sees Shadowgraphs expand their sonic palette further and take on even more ambitious arrangements.

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 ----- Venomous Blossoms LP (2017) -----


"Groovy bass lines abound, as do vibraphones, eight-mile-high harmonies, and nods to tropicalia and krautrock...At its core, though, Venomous Blossoms is a killer pop album, never losing sight of the hook." - Brooklyn Vegan

"It sounds how old vinyl sleeves smell. It warms you and gives you the urge to imagine back then in relation to the present, not necessarily thrusting you into the past." - The 405

"A slick bass line intertwines with the driving percussion and throwback guitar riff, all anchored by a Doors-like organ and Beach Boys harmonies, making 'Countryside' a brilliant piece of modern day rock infused with a 60s ethos." - Indie Shuffle